The Mount Etna

The Terroirs

My second life, employed in the art of oenology, crossed new boundaries when I got to know Etna and its generous, wild and powerful land. I immediately realised that the difficulty, in investing in this territory, would be even more arduous: the slopes of the Sicilian volcano have a viticulture of their own, an oenological tradition that I would have I would have to respect, paying homage to a tradition that does not belong to me and contributing to it, at the same time, with the added value of a Barolista Piedmontese. Giving, without taking away. I accepted the challenge, seeing what would become my diamond in the rough in Castiglione di Sicily, in the district of Montedolce/Solicchiata, on the north-eastern slope of the great volcano: there my Sicilian wines, inspired by Etna and the sea. There they give off warmth and brilliance, strength and elegance the Nerello Mascalese (or Negrello) indigenous grape variety and prince of Etna Rosso DOC, and the Carricante, a white grape of ancient origins, historically historically cultivated in the province of Catania, which restores all perspective on ‘white wine white wine’, representing its intense, structured and long-lived alternative.