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Bugia Nen

The Company

The stubbornness of the Piedmontese man runs in my blood, together with the determination that characterises this people of vine-dressers, patient entrepreneurs and kings. This is why I have appealed to a noble and popular expression in calling my winery ‘Bugia Nen’, inspired by an emblematic anecdote. The context is that of the war of Austro-Hungarian secession: during the Battle of Assietta in 1747, 4,800 Austro-Piedmontese soldiers faced 40,000 enemy French. And although General Giovanni Battista Cacherano di Bricherasio repeatedly summoned the troops, the commander of the outpost Paolo Federico Novarina Count of San Sebastiano was opposed the retreat, uttering the proverbial phrase “Noiàutri i bogioma nen da sì’. Translated: ‘We are not moving from here’. Piedmontese resoluteness thus became exemplary, thanks to the surprising victory of those who were to all intents and purposes given up for lost. So I am, tenacious and determined in my intentions, firm in my ideals and patient: the future of world oenology passes through Piedmont and

Sicily. There I have invested all of myself.