il sogno – ritorno alle origini

Back to the origins

The Dream

Cesare Pavese wrote that “A country is needed, if only for the taste of leaving.” So it was for me, returning to my roots after a twenty-five-year career around the world as one returns to a land that one feels hopelessly its own. Land that, always quoting the Piedmontese poet, “even when you are not there remains waiting for you.” My return was not a turnaround, but rather a restart in a new direction. A wise new beginning: with the perspectives that the experience of a lifetime taught me, seizing the opportunities that, now and here, the country offers me.

The lands of Langa are today the most precious asset that existence has to offer me. So my dream as a winemaker began where I myself began, but in my second life. In the awareness that today the earth is capable of giving us back the essence of men, through our our hands in contact with it. I give myself a new existence, dedicated solely to my most authentic passions, fascinated and recalled by the Piedmontese roots I have treasured. I have admired and learned the wisdom of the masters of the vineyard, acquired winemaking traditions which, step by step, I made my own. And in this Langa of mine I have been reborn, with the frost of a sunrise in the vineyard, remembering the frenzy of the contemporary through the serenity of work among the vines.