le langhe


The Terroirs

Old skills, new ambitions. The certainty of the most winemaking tradition flanked by innovative forms of expression. The most comfortable productive constancy applied to the ‘king of grape varieties’, but in a unprecedented perspective, capable of surprising the taster’s palate and first and foremost myself. I have invested body and soul in Nebbiolo and its noblest evolution, Barolo, staking everything on two points of re-beginning as solid as they are indispensable: the Langhe, the vocation of a second life, and my friendship with Luigi Vico and Davide Rosso (now owner of the Giovanni Rosso winery). Thanks to them, exponents, before me, of Piedmontese viticulture, I was able to been able to tell my roots and give a consolidated basis to my craftsmanship oenology, thus giving my Nebbiolo grapes a lifeblood of their own. Bugia Nen took shape through the hands of great masters, in the prized lands of Serralunga d’Alba, in the heart of the Unesco Intangible Heritage of Humanity Unesco.

A gift for all of which I am a patron.